Man Wearing Yogi x YMC Branded Orson Leather Shoes With Rubber Outsole.

Yogi x YMC: Landmark Lessons in Leather

Well, well, well… what’ve we got here? Two of our favourite brands have combined forces to deliver some killer comfort shoes. Celebrating their quarter century of making contemporary staples, YMC have gotten together with Yogi, the unconventional 1970s Earth and Roots inspired shoe-makers, to collaborate the landmark.

Yogi’s famous negative heel makes yet another appearance on the classic Orson silhouette. They may appear to be relatively unassuming, but these clever stompers feature a negative heel, which not only looks mega, but also has posture-improving properties that’ll sort that back out and fix those dodgy slouching tendencies you may have picked up from all that working from home on naff chairs.

Without any unnecessary overcomplication, the two styles provide a lesson in leather in their respective brown and black options - perfect for subtle shoe snobbery.

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