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Left Hand: Gently Evolving For AW22
Since its return last year, Osti-founded Left Hand has quietly jostled to find its place in the market. Having been away for pretty much an entire generation, its re-emergence would always be something that needed to be handled with kid gloves.
Klättermusen: Going Against Nature For AW22
Klättermusen’s time in the sun shows no sign of ending. Maybe truly functional brands are exempt from being felt by the fickle finger of fashion.
Hikerdelic x Oswen: 'Eleven'
The partnership between these two brands, with a timeless and familiar aesthetic, sees two not so distant worlds collide.
Clarks Originals: Desert Treks Get Proofed
Bringing something different and fresh to iconic styles is a tightrope Clarks Originals walk with ease. Their latest release pairs them up with the outerwear kings from GORE-TEX.
Mizuno: An Aesthetic Step Forward
Mizuno have been on a futuristic streak, taking models and silhouettes from their over one-hundred-year-old archive, and fusing these with the forward-thinking technology that has become synonymous with Japanese sportswear.
Corridor: Positive Vibes Only
The NYC studio are inspired by ‘colour, nature, music, love, spirituality, and New York life.’ A potent recipe which returns some lovely garments indeed.
RRL by Ralph Lauren: Rugged Garb
As a sub label of Ralph Lauren, RRL has never received the same amount of attention, but not of lack for style.
EPT: Introducing Korea’s East Pacific Trade
Over in Korea, EPT wants to build on the skate ethos by experimenting with independent design and cushioning techniques. The brand builds on the fusion of sneaker culture and skateboarding shoes by presenting a series of simplistic and neutral shoes.
And Wander: Japanese Outdoor Excellence
And Wander needs no introduction. We consider them the pinnacle of Japanese outdoor excellence. But their origin is more than that.
Gramicci: Stonemaster’s Story with Sartorial Edge
Gramicci carry the Stonemaster’s baton 50 years later. Back in the 70’s, a group of long-haired, hippy-hating, rock-climbing adventurers emerged. They weren’t the first to climb cliff faces; they were the first to do so with a certain lust for life that, before them, was unprecedented.
Carhartt WIP: Greater than the Sum of its Parts
Carhartt is famous for its reliable and rugged wares. In fact, Carhartt – especially in America – has become a bit of a meme and a symbol for the integration of workwear into fashion territory.
Karhu: Finnish Footwear Favourites
Karhu, founded way back in 1916, pioneered and invented shoe technologies like air cushioning and fulcrum™, both still used in running shoe collections the world over.
Goldwin: Outerwear For Every Occasion
Aesthetically, the Japanese brand keeps things minimal with simple silhouettes, slightly tapered fits and subtle oversized bits.
Yogi: More Than Quality Classics
Yogi has been making shoes in Portugal since the late 90s, where their original silhouettes were inspired by a style of shoes from the ’50s known as Earth shoes.
Hikerdelic: Take A Trip
In that sense, then, to be Hikerdelic is to embrace prints with psychedelic motifs in the great outdoors. It’s the unison of surrealist patterns, symmetry and clashing composition with the subtler calm repetition of nature. The same nature that provides you with dramatic views, a sense of awe, and some good surroundings for a football match.
Mizuno: What's Up With The Wave Rider?
Throughout the entire 20th century, Mizuno has been making trainers for a host of different sports: golf, tennis, boxing, running, you name it, and this means the Mizuno archives are full of technology and inspiration for future models.
Left Hand: Outerwear To Obsess Over
It’s a fine balance between paying respect to the strong beginnings of the brand while at the same time continuing to question what it represents in 2022, but through the involvement of Raeburn, Left Hand's recent SS22 collection has laid down a good initial marker for what is to come next.
ST95: Responsible Regeneration
The weight of Osti’s legacy is certainly difficult to carry, however it seems that so far, under Raeburn's direction, ST95 is well on it's way to honouring it's former successes.
Paraboot: More Than A Modern Giant
French heritage brand Paraboot has become a cult icon, uniting an older generation of cobbler-loving connoisseurs from the French Alps with a younger, more fashion-focused clientele.
Admiral Sporting Goods pairs up with 6876
Both brands are uncompromising, which in normal circumstances might create friction, but the synergy between the two makes the whole thing a natural fit.
Relaunch of ST-95 - The Iconic Outerwear Clothing Brand
While Left Hand and ST95's time in the sun was short-lived, their status in the Osti story has only grown in the intervening years. Now as we enter 2022, ST95 returns, with award-winning designer Christopher Raeburn at the helm.