Mans Feet Walking Down Stairs Wearing Yogi Earth Shoes

Yogi: More Than Quality Classics

There’s a little secret in the world of clothing and footwear production: if it’s handmade in Portugal, it’s of exceptional quality. It’s the truth. Portugal is a hallmark for quality. 

Well, Yogi has been making shoes in Portugal since the late 90s, where their original silhouettes were inspired by a style of shoes from the ’50s known as Earth shoes. 

Earth shoes were popularised by Danish Yoga instructor and footwear designer Anna Kalsø, who designed the first Earth shoes with ‘negative heel technology’. This meant that the sole was thinner at the heel than at the forefoot, which meant the heel walked downwards, like when walking on sand. The results do wonders for the spine and feet. 

Yogi’s shoes are still made with a negative heel, except they’ve updated their silhouettes a lot since the late 90s. 

Take the Yogi Finn for example. Available in both leather and suede renditions, the silhouette takes the old school, hand-crafted feel that built Yogi and presents it through a different guise.

The new range of Yogi is available to shop now at Yards Store.