Woolrich Green Mens Jacket With Hood

Woolrich: The Original Outdoor Clothing Company

Established almost 200 years ago by John Rich in 1830, Woolrich has a inspiring history that has parallels with the America’s own. They’ve kitted out lumberjacks from West Coat to East, serviced the US military, and have rigged out workmen with the most rigorous of tasks. They’ve been known worldwide for creating some of the finest outerwear known to man and for making garments that have a genuine purpose, all which reference the brands humble beginnings.

John Rich was from a family of wool experts, which makes perfect sense as to why Woolrich was born – Wool + Rich = Woolrich… get it? Anyway, from selling woollen yarn and fabrics to lumber camps it was realised that wool was the only suitable fabric. Being comfortable, moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial, stain resistant and incredibly durable, it all just worked perfectly for John.

As the years went by, Woolrich created and innovated numerous iconic designs. The Buffalo Check Shirt, the Railroad Vest, and most famously, the often imitated but never bettered, the Original Arctic Parka. The Arctic Parka was made for Alaskan pipeline workers who would’ve probably otherwise frozen to death were it not the quintessential down jacket which pretty much made the brand a globally recognized icon. An advertisement the brand used in 1973 read, “Woolrich. We Keep America Warm.” The only thing that’s changed is it’s possibly the entire world they’re keeping warm now.

Continuing their innovative collections into 2020, we have just received our new AW20 collection. Think amazing big jackets such as the Arctic Parka, the GTX Mountain Parka and the High-Tech Arctic Parka, with a bit of woollen flannel for good measure in the form of the Timber Overshirt. Check out our Woolrich stuff here.

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