Topo Designs Travel Backpack 30L With strap, shoulder strap and grab handle

Topo Designs - Made For Anywhere

Jedd Rose and Mark Hanson grew up in the west of America and were always spending their time outside, they were always looking for the right gear and grew increasingly frustrated at not finding things they liked or that fit with their outdoor activities. They soon realised they had 2 options, put up with what was available or create something new, luckily they decided to create, and Topo Designs was born. Today, Topo designs each product been unmistakably and apologetically different to everything else around with classic styling with an added Topo twist of bright colours and nice trim details making it stand out from the crowd.

They believe in sustainability by durability. That’s why every product Topo create, is built to be as resilient as possible, to withstand all the dirt and storms and rough handling that life brings its way. Because if you have a Topo Designs backpack, bag or coat you love, that does exactly what you need it to do whenever you need it, you don’t need another one, and you don’t throw this one away.

As a brand Topo Designs, understand fully its responsibility to make sure every step of the manufacturing process, from sourcing materials to manufacturing to shipping, as sustainable as they can. They practice responsible sourcing and carefully monitor all stages of the manufacturing process for factors such as energy consumption, chemicals and social ramifications to ensure the impact they leave on communities and the earth is as positive as possible.

They only work with fair trade certified partners and adhere to a strict internal code of practice for factories and worker. I guess you can say they are proud to work with mills who actively do the right thing.

One of Topo Design’s focus points is travel bags and backpacks, “smarter travel in the bag” they say, and their team is constantly on the go, catching sunsets over city-scapes and dawn from the peaks all over the world. They are well versed in carry-on requirements, so they use their experience to build the nimble packing system, one that keeps up, trip after trip and stays comfortable on the move.

They intentionally design travel equipment that streamlines your experience, from packing to arriving at your destination, so you can focus your attention on where you are going. Travel gear is not just a bag or backpack, it's everything you put in them. Signature pieces like the dopp kit, pack bags and accessory bags nest perfectly in their bags creating a modular packing system. While breathable, travel friendly apparel gets upgraded with technical fabrics, they didn’t invent travel, they're just perfecting it as they like to say!

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