Man Wearing Leaning Against Railings Wearing Portuguese Flannel Shirt and Trousers

Portuguese Flannel: Knowledge In A New World

If timeless design and sustainability are sitting high on your checklist, check out the new Portuguese Flannel shirts that have just arrived both in-store and online. Their shirts are manufactured by master craftsmen in the old towns of northern Portugal using exclusive fabrics that are produced in a traditional way, after selecting only the finest fabrics to work with. The brand boasts its value of quality over quantity and like with any good investment piece, the brand refuses to follow fads and trends, resulting in timeless yet contemporary design that looks good in anyone’s wardrobe.

Portuguese Flannel is a relatively new label with a rich history behind it. Brothers Antonio and Manuel Magalhães decided to honour their Great Grandfather’s textile legacy by making their own straightforward, high-quality shirts. The brothers keep everything local while materials and manufacturing are sourced in and around the city of Guimarães. A region on the northern tip of Portugal, renowned for its textile heritage. 

Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of Portuguese Flannel is its soft feel which is achieved through a labour-intensive process that involves lifting up the fibre ends, in which the expert weavers ‘nap’ the cloth using a meticulous brushing technique to create a long-lasting material with that distinct soft and cosy feel. 

Since its inception, Portuguese Flannel had a vision of becoming an ethical brand. The aim was to establish and maintain sustainable production across the board, and this is clear to see within their manufacturing process – they refuse to use plastic within their packaging and the orders are sent in boxes of recyclable card. They also use organic fabrics such as cotton, linen, wool as well as recyclable and biodegradable fibres like Lyocell for their clothes. By making this choice, it helps to reduce the amounts of toxic chemicals and excessive water usage while fulfilling the brand’s sustainable ethos.  

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