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Playing the numbers game with Fjällräven

Back during the early days of Fjällräven in the late 1960s and early 1970s, each of their products were given a unique number which is something the brand have brought back recently in the form of the Fjällräven Numbers collection. The tradition has been brought back with items being given numbers that relate back to how many predecessors have come before. For example the Fjällräven Jacket No.68 comes from a long line of durable and functional outdoor jackets with the Gaiter trousers No.1 being the first of their kind.

The new Fjällräven Numbers series are also designed to be used as a system, each garment being fully capable of being combined with another piece from the range and adapted to suit an array of different seasons and climates.

Building on 50 years of experience in designing functional and durable outdoor clothing and equipment the Fjällräven Numbers series has sustainability at its core. Using hard wearing G-1000 Eco material each of the products are created to have an exceptionally long lifespan and low environmental impact. Whilst extra reinforcements in exposed areas increase each garment’s durability with a great deal of attention also being paid to the design and construction to ensure that after years of use, worn details can be replaced which also adds to the the garment’s lifespan.  The production of the Numbers series is mostly carried out by several carefully selected suppliers in Europe. This reduces the level of transportation required and therefore the environmental impact as well as ensuring every process is completed to a very high standard.

The result of all this care and attention is a series of timeless and durable garments that will accompany their owners on a myriad of adventures for many, many years to come.

Written by Neil Summers.

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