Paul Smith Coloured Yarn Bobbins

Paul Smith: British Fashion Culture

Few people could claim to have had the impact on British fashion culture as Sir Paul Smith. 

Born in 1947, his formative years were spent indulging in his first love - cycling. Unfortunately, any plans to build a life around this passion were scuppered following an accident which resulted in 6 months in hospital. Instead, his desire to make his mark was redirected into clothing. His early work years were spent in a clothing warehouse at a time when manufacturing was still booming in the UK. 

A serious self-starter, Paul Smith learned the art of tailoring, something which naturally led to him opening the first Paul Smith shop in his hometown of Nottingham, in 1970. It doesn't take a genius to work out that makes 50 years in fashion. 

As the world faces uncertain and ever-changing times, the reassuring sight of that Paul Smith signature logo is one to rely on. You don't exist for half a century for nothing.

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