Páramo, British outdoor brand using Analogy waterproof by Nikwax garments

Páramo: Socially Responsible, Technically Great

If ethical clothing and sustainability is your thing, look no further than Páramo – the British outdoor brand set up by Nick Brown. Becoming increasingly aware of environmental issues, Nick felt a social responsibility to produce high-quality outdoor gear with sustainability and ethical treatment at the heart of the operation. The result is a combination of technical outdoor clothing that keeps you comfortable in the harshest of conditions without any compromise on ethics and sustainability. 

Technically speaking, the most revolutionary part of Páramo is the use of Nikwax Technology – also an invention of Nick Brown in the early 1980s. As there was an increasing importance placed upon environmental factors, Nick was determined to find a new and clean way to waterproof garments as previous methods used aerosol and chemicals which proved to be harmful to the environment. These solvents were replaced with water, and the Nikwax water-based range was created. 

Being socio-economically responsible is a common thread that runs throughout their ethos. It is a collective of people who want to make a difference and this is clear to see within the brand policies which pushes customers towards their recycling scheme and in-store repairs. These are commitments made by a brand whose products are built to last – and if for some reason the products don’t live up to this standard, they will get repaired or recycled. Making sure that the products help to maintain the brand’s commitment towards sustainable living. 

The dedication to social responsibility is also evident within the manufacturing and production process. During his travels, Nick found a workshop in the Colombian Andes that had been set up to help vulnerable women who were more susceptible to drug abuse and domestic violence. Over 80% of Páramo output is produced at the Miquelina Foundation, allowing many thousands of women to benefit from the brand’s involvement during their 25-year partnership. In addition, the factory gained membership of the fair-trade organisation.  

Maintaining a tight operation, Páramo is still owned by Nick Brown. It’s his lifelong commitment to social responsibility that has driven the brand to be what it is today – Rather than taking from the environment, the brand is giving opportunities to the people who need it the most. 

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