Pair of Mizuno Wave Rider Premium Trainers

Mizuno Trainers: An Aesthetic Step Forward

Mizuno was founded in 1906 by two brothers in Osaka, Japan. The duo initially manufactured baseball gear, before turning their sites to running shoes and trainers.

Following the release of the Wave Rider Premium, Mizuno have been on a futuristic streak, taking models and silhouettes from their over one-hundred-year-old archive, and fusing these with the forward-thinking technology that has become synonymous with Japanese sportswear.

In 1998, Mizuno debuted The Wave technology, a piece of cushioning tech that’s still present in the line’s 2022 releases.

In essence, the Wave Plate created a way for a running shoe to stretch and compress, not just providing support but catalysing explosive power in the heel. It’s for this reason that the Wave Prophecy Beta is unparalleled within the running world, and the sleek design makes an aesthetic step forwards, too.

The Wave Prophecy Beta uses the same sole unit as the Wave Sorayama. Mizuno Trainers are available at Yards Store.