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Left Hand: Outerwear To Obsess Over

During the busy mid-90's period in Massimo Osti's career, a number of new and exciting projects were worked on. One such project was Left Hand.

Ever the pioneer, Osti used Left Hand as a vehicle to experiment with fabrics that were not only functional day-to-day but also platformed new technical advancements, such as fabrics which would repel radiation. Successive ranges built a clear aesthetic for the brand, and though its first chapter was short-lived, it made its mark enough to make a dwindling pool of vintage pieces much sought-after in the decades to follow.

Skipping ahead to more recent times, Left Hand has been resurrected from it's dormant period, along with ST95. Through a reverence for the foundations laid and a belief that both brands deserved to make new history, the aim moving into this new chapter was to set about embodying Left Hand for the modern day.

With respected designer Christopher Raeburn now at the helm, a commitment to responsible manufacturing is firmly in place - an ethos which we're sure Osti would have been very much onboard with, especially when you remember his ambition to tackle issues that face our planet as far back as the 1980s.

With Stone Island being acquired by Moncler and a handful of other brands prospering while taking clear influence from Osti’s early work, Left Hand officially re-joined the party, having launched its own website earlier this week.

It’s a fine balance between paying respect to the strong beginnings of the brand while at the same time continuing to question what it represents in 2022, but through the involvement of Raeburn, Left Hand's recent SS22 collection has laid down a good initial marker for what is to come next.

Left Hand's SS22 collection is available to shop now at Yards Store.