Two Men Wearing Left Hand Anoraks

Left Hand: Gently Evolving

Since its return last year, Osti-founded Left Hand has quietly jostled to find its place in the market. Having been away for pretty much an entire generation, its re-emergence would always be something that needed to be handled with kid gloves. Those gloves have been worn by the expert hands of Christopher Raeburn, whose celebrated design operation in Hackney handles the creative direction of Left Hand, balancing its inherent DNA with a contemporary eye.

Raeburn has become synonymous with sustainable fashion and this is something he’s tried to imbue Left Hand with in a way Osti himself would no doubt have appreciated. Back in 1988 of course, he collaborated with Sting to highlight the plight of Amazonian tribes, while in the same year he sponsored the design and build of an electric car. It’s also true that his extensive learning and experimentation with fabrics went further than most and almost did the entire industry’s work for them. He found what worked where people thought it wouldn’t, and tried techniques others wouldn’t have countenanced.

This pioneering innovation continues to be respected in the modern day Left Hand with items like the Enna Parka. This classic piece takes the Swiss Military Field Jacket – a favourite of Osti – and reimagines it in 100% recycled nylon which has been treated to bring about a soft crinkle.

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