Karhu Iconic Trainers From the Fusion 2.0 and Aria Collections

Karhu - The Iconic Trainer

Karhu was born 1916 in a small workshop in down town Helsinki as “AB Sportartiklar Oy” (a bit of a mouthful!) making sports equipment from birch wood for Javelins, skis and discuses all useful stuff! They also did their first running shoe, which land on the feet of the famous runner of the day, Hannes Kolehmainen know as the “flying Finn”, and Ville Ritola.

Flying Finn was the inspiration behind the name change to Karhu in 1920 which is Finnish for “The Bear”  during the 20s the Finnish dominated tracks around the world and at the Olympics with Paaco Nurmi returning home with nine gold medals, wearing Karhu running shoes

Today Karhu still produce sporting equipment and redesign some of their classic running silhouettes in modern colours and materials. Autumn winter 2019 sees the launch of some new packs, and Yards Store is excited to be part of the limited number of stockists that will be stocking these this season.

First up is the Karhu Legend Pack, featuring the Karhu Fusions 2.0 first introduced in 1996 and is a salute to the original Fusion when it was top of the running shoes collection, to bring back the Fusion from the archives, Karhu reworked the model with its original designer and Launched it as Fusion 2.0. Next up is the Karhu Aria in 2 colours featuring two technical innovations in running footwear: an internal carbon fibre Fulcrum in the mid-sole for smooth transition, and a mono tongue upper construction for added comfort. This iconic 90's Karhu model is an easy to wear comfortable shoe and remains an integral part of the Karhu collection with seasonal updates on colours and materials

Winter 19 also sees the introduction of tees and sweats so keep your eyes peeled on this one as it's worth watching! A true heritage sports brand.