Karhu Fusion 2.0 trainers White/Blue Wing Teal With Hiking-style laces

Karhu Hockey Pack: Stick 'Em Up

If you didn’t already know, Karhu are pretty proud of their Finnish heritage and have been translating this into their trainers since their formation. Using their good old Scandinavian sense of simplicity and design, they’ve crafted up two new iterations of their cult classics with inspiration taken from their arenas of ice. Armed with over 300 ice rinks and a plethora of frozen ponds across Finland, you can probably already guess that they love nothing more than throwing on some skates and dropping their gloves.

As producers of hockey equipment and sticks in their formative years, the brand brought new meaning to the term “stick ‘em up”, with their leading designer Antti—Jussti Tiitola creating the world’s first fiberglass hockey stick. Tiitola continued his pioneering streak, inventing the Air Cushion, Fulcrum and Ortix footwear technologies that regularly feature across Karhu footwear range today. 

In celebration of this relationship forged in fire (or ice in this case) - Karhu have put together the “Hockey Pack” - finishing the collection off with the inclusion of a unique Karhu Hockey Bear logo in the footbed.

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