Haglöfs Yellow Weatherproof jacket

Haglöfs: It's What's Inside That Counts

Our love for really well-designed outdoor gear isn’t one of our best kept secrets, looking for any excuse to grab our jackets quicker than when it’s time to go from at a family gathering. It’s for this reason that Haglöfs has been a sure starter at Yards for a number of years.

Sticking to the Scandinavian school of thought, their minimal but efficient designs always find a way to effortlessly reinvent the jacket in a more drool-worthy way than the last. Spurred on by their desire to create high quality garments and limit their environmental impact, the brand’s portfolio is something they’re quite rightfully proud of.

This time around they’ve made use of a high-tech synthetic down that’s been simply named, Mimic. Making use of a Nobel Prize winning material called Graphene, the new jacket filling allows your garment to heat up quicker, retain heat for longer and even perform efficiently when wet. In their own words, this newfound filler sets the bar for insulation, and we’re definitely not going to argue with them.

In Layman’s terms, this stuff is going to mean you spend less time acclimatising to the cold and if for some reason, you need to be jacketless, it’ll more than likely still be holding your heat as it welcomes you back into its open sleeves. Couple this with their existing technologies such as fluorocarbon free fabric and Aerogel-insulated pockets for safe storage of electricals, it's hard to believe we're talking about jackets here and not space suits. Remarkable stuff from the Swedes.

Thankfully we’ve managed to get our hands on this range’s maiden voyage amongst some other bits, all of which you can see below.

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