Pair of Fracap Contemporary Hiking Boots

Fracap: A Brief History of a Footwear Dynasty

Fracap are a family-run brand that came to fruition in 1908 as the brainchild of Antonio Cappello. After making his first pair of boots which he likened to a fine piece of art, he decided to set up a business in his native Monteroni, a small town on heel of Italy in the Puglia area. Aptly named ‘Cappello’, he began selling mega-durable and hardwearing boots to local farmers. After putting everything on hold during the Great War, he was straight back at it.

Staying true to its origins, the company has always been based in the same location with the hope of spreading energy and beauty in the place they make these amazing boots. The name change came about by using the Italian word Fratelli (meaning siblings) and adding it to Cappello, and thus Fracap was born.

Fracap only use the finest vegetable-tanned Italian leather and each boot is made using one single large piece of leather. They use the same mould (once used for the Italian military) they’ve been using since the early 20th century. All the linings are made from leather and Italian ‘Cuoio’ for the insole (both made exclusively from calf leather) – great for allowing your feet to breathe. During the 1940’s the head honcho and lead designer, Alfredo Cappello, came up with the idea of creating a durable, comfortable boot to be used both on the mountains and in everyday life.

Even to this day, every single boot is milled by family members and company owners Antonio and Michele, which give the boots their final shape – this method means the boots can be resoled once necessary after years and years of use. Every pair is waxed which gives natural shiny surface appearance that make leather boots so appealing. Just look at those hiking laces…

Anyway, Fracap make some of the best contemporary boots with a classic design that’s available anywhere in the world. They have many world-renowned models that people can’t get enough of such as the M120, the M127, and the G200. Within each of the styles, they do tons of different soles from rippled to commando Vibram soles. There’s even a feature to design your own boots which will be handmade by one of the Cappello family members. Amazing, right?

We’ve luckily just taken in some of these beauties. Get some unrivalled classic hiking boot goodness from our new Fracap collection below.