Pair of Clarks Originals Mens Desert Trek Shoes

Clarks Originals: Desert Treks Get Proofed

It must be tough being Clarks. You’re the footwear brand everyone else looks to for inspiration, and your signature shoes have spawned more copycats than could possibly be documented. How do you stay ahead?

Well, for a start, you make sure everyone knows you’re the first name on the team sheet, so adding the word ‘Originals’ to your best offerings is a decent start. What about newness though?

Bringing something different and fresh to iconic styles is a tightrope Clarks Originals walk with ease. Their latest release pairs them up with the outerwear kings from GORE-TEX. Founded in 1969 yet still as relevant today, GORE-TEX made a name for themselves with fabrics that were both breathable and water-repellent. This technology grew and became applied in different ways.

Now, today they work with existing brands like Clarks Originals to add a sprinkling of tech dust to a shoe that is hard to improve on.

They’ve managed it though.

These are ideal for that late summer wedding you’ve got in the diary, where despite the forecast, it’ll definitely rain.

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