Carhartt OG Chore Coat America's WorkFront Uniform, known as the "Engineer Sack Coat"

Carhartt – The Iconic Chore Coat but Bettered?

The Carhartt Chore Coat is rumoured to have been knocking around since dinosaurs roamed the wilderness, and we have no doubt that it could probably hold its own against a T-Rex’s incisor or two. Through the ages, the circa 1917 jacket formerly known as the “Engineer Sack Coat” has inspired a never-ending assembly line of workwear-inspired fashion due to its perennial and iconic stature.

In an interesting turn of events, Carhartt decided that they would don a self-reflective stance, designing the modernised Carhartt OG Chore Coat that takes its name and inspiration from its hard-working, Detroit heritage. Still equipped with all the things that made the Chore Jacket great, the OG feels a little boxier and more oversized, acknowledging the days back when Work In Progress was an acknowledgment of its wearer’s daily grind.

As a result of reinventing the jacket, we’re very happy to see some tasty mod cons such as triple-stitch detailing, personalised buttons, and an aged canvas finish for utilitarian aesthetics without ever having to lift a wrench. The winter variants also feature a blanket lining for added warmth and comfort, a truly perfect piece of rebel jacket action.

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