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Admiral Sporting Goods pairs up with 6876

It's always nice when two brands come together with a brief to just make the best product they can. In 6876's Kenneth Mackenzie there's a fiercely independent creative force, and this combined with the heritage of Admiral Sporting Goods makes for a compelling capsule collection.

Both brands are uncompromising, which in normal circumstances might create friction, but the synergy between the two makes the whole thing a natural fit. 6876 are known for their appreciation of austere design, unfussy and classic. Admiral has been around more than 100 years, wearing hats of varying shapes and sizes. They're perhaps most notable for their huge impact on the football kit landscape in the early 1970s, though the half-century prior to this is a story rarely told, and that's what informs the Admiral Sporting Goods project.

The term mid-century can be seen as shorthand for 'really nicely designed', and while there are some exceptions, it's this era which both brands take inspiration from on a regular basis. The collaboration takes the timeless concept of the car coat and creates something effortless in its contemporary look, feel and function. It utilises the best available fabric from Italian supplier Olmetex. To augment the range even further, Admiral's detailed eye for production quality is applied to a range of sweatshirts, tees and a hoodie.

It's a collaboration that almost rejects the trend for collaborations, in that it doesn't rely on hype or influential digital celebrities endorsing it. It does what it says on the tin and isn't desperate for your attention. It's reliable, well made, will age well and limited in number.