Nigel Cabourn x Peak Performance Yellow, Red, Army Green, and White Stone Jackets

A Closer Look - Nigel Cabourn x Peak Performance

These two outdoor heavyweights need no introduction. Two experts in outdoor gear and performance clothing get together from similar chilly latitudes to design a truly unique collab. Peak Performance only wanted to collaborate with a legend within the industry, and they definitely couldn't have picked any better than our good friend Nigel Cabourn.

Cabourn isn't just a proper nice fella, but a cult design veteran. His unique and iconic re-imaginations of workwear, sportswear, and vintage military clothing have made him an industry leader for decades. He has immense knowledge and an extensive personal archive of global apparel. Cabourn is never short of inspiration when re-inventing signature pieces. Peak Performance is a technical outdoor brand that began life making ski gear, and now cater for pretty much everything - all tinged with their sleek and minimalistic Scandi design. They make genuine and considered products built for a purpose and to withstand the test of time. They shun extravagance and superficiality and focus on the finer details and material quality.

Together they have delivered some vintage-inspired, high-spec gear such as the Mountain Down Parka, the Air Craft Jacket, and the V-Neck Liner. All three designs were inspired by World War II RAF pilot clothing, and utilise the highly innovative woven cotton fabric known as ventile. Rare in today's market, but still used by NATO and the RAF, it was developed by scientists in Manchester's very own Shirley Institute in the 20th century, to prolong the life of pilots who had catapulted into the sea.

It increased the average life expectancy to over a whopping 20 minutes and made rescue an actual possibility. Other nifty features across the collab include super-fancy Riri zippers, waxed Japanese corduroy hoods and the use of sustainable 100% organic cotton, not to mention ultra-cool colours such as Survival Yellow, Army Green, and White Stone. Functionality seamlessly fused with modern design. The perfect contrast between the crafted and the technical. Classics delivered to us by Nigel Cabourn x Peak Performance.