Man Wearing a WAWWA Jacket Shirt standing in front of a Tree

WAWWA: Doing Things Differently

The city of Manchester isn't shy of self-promotion, and the oft-quoted statement attributed to Tony Wilson regarding how "we do things differently here" is perhaps overused. But it does have substance. Take WAWWA Clothing for example. While most brands bemoan the lack of UK production options and place their faith in admittedly skilled overseas factories, WAWWA continually search for a better way. They do indeed do things differently. 

Based in the same suburb that was teeming with industry in Victorian times, WAWWA boast their own micro-factory, where their actions speak louder than words. They only manufacture products that have been bought, which reduces wastage and discourages overconsumption. Products made in the UK can sometimes be limited in their appeal, largely because the skilled workforce that used to exist is now pretty thin on the ground. Thankfully for WAWWA, they have all the ingredients in-house.

The result is an offering of infinitely wearable gear that is on trend but not too trendy. It's affordable too, which given it's made here in the UK is all the more impressive.