Wilderness Explorer Wearing Sasta EVO Goretex Jacket, Backpack and Cap

Sasta: Rugged Sensibility

For what feels like almost too long, Scandinavian style has been held as the epitome of cool. Famed for their minimalist and functional approach to design, those suave Swedes and Danes are serious swines for simplicity. We’ve still got love for the Scando’s, but we think it’s about time their rough and ready counterparts in Finland were given some of the plaudits.

Most countries are happy with one symbol to represent their nation, take Spain and the bull for example, or America with their iconic bald eagle. Things are a little different for Finland though, such is their relationship with nature, they have seven natural symbols including a national fish, national tree, and even a national insect. The country even celebrates an annual holiday known as ‘Finnish Nature Day’ on the last weekend of each August.

For a country so intertwined in its own natural landscape it’s no wonder that newcomers at Yards, Sasta are a brand built on the old Finnish philosophy of respecting nature. With their roots in hunting, trekking, and fishing, Sasta are true outdoor pioneers, shaped and molded by the environment that surrounds them.

The birth of the brand is a captivating tale of ingenuity and perseverance. What we might refer to today as cutting-edge innovation, was merely the desire of a young Nurmes man in the early 1960s to have a practical and comfortable wardrobe for his hunting trips in the baron Nordic landscape. Unfamiliar journeys were long and arduous, respite and shelter were rare for Urpo Saastamoinen. This gave the young hunter an immediate appreciation for the importance of high-quality equipment, inspiring him to create his own sarka-wool hunting suit.

Admiration from fellow hunters highlighted a huge demand for Urpo’s suit. As a hunter himself he had a perfect vision to create functional gear built to last in the unforgiving conditions local outdoorsmen faced. Soon after, more materials were ordered and Urpo began work on other products including waterproof rainwear and unlined camping products.

Despite being created decades ago, many of these original designs still feature in Sasta’s collection to the present day, updated and modified for modern sensibilities whilst retaining their classic rugged elements. Although we might not face the same treacherous conditions in St Anne’s Square, there’s always room in our wardrobe for proper outdoor gear that’s built to last. 

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