Gramicci Down Jacket Chino With Detachable Hood

Gramicci: Form & Function

Gramicci may sound like the brainchild of an Italian mountaineer, but it was in-fact founded by Californian climber Mike Graham. As far as we know, this is how the story goes: In the early ‘80s, he and a group of friends embarked on being the first all-Italian team to climb the infamous Half Dome in Yosemite National Park. The slight issue was that Graham clearly wasn’t Italian, so the idea came to change his name from Graham to Gramicci. True or not, we love the story.

It’s widely known that Gramicci developed and originated the modern-day climbing pant. Most notable was the use of the gusseted crotch which enabled climber’s greater movement when attempting difficult climbs. They championed their patented gusset crotch, built-in nylon belt and high-low hem which all have led them to be industry leaders in outdoor wear.

They were huge in the ‘80s amongst outdoor enthusiasts and in the following decade they became a streetwear stalwart after being a mainstay in skate and surf subculture, mainly due to the affordable and well-made designs the brand spearheaded. After some unfortunate goings on in the noughties the brand disappeared into the wilderness. Fortunately for us the Japanese love a good story and a quality brand, and Gramicci was saved due to the Japanese offshoot, which led the brand being widely available again across the globe.

As lovers of form, function and long-lasting style, Gramicci is a staff favourite here at Yards. Our recent delivery of AW20 wintry goodness features great corduroy pants, the brands first down jacket offering, and super cosy fleece-y numbers. Be sure to check out the good stuff here…