A Pile of Folded Edwin Jeans

Edwin - The Progressive Brand

Edwin is a progressive denim brand, established in 1947 in Japan by Mr Tsunemi who had a strong passion everything denim that blends Edwin Japanese background, craftsmanship and expertise with a European contemporary flavour, vision and attitude.

This season sees a return to Japan with a new collection of made in Japan selvage denim, made in the finest mills these are about as good as it gets in the denim world. Like all serious brands Edwin is attempting to play its part in making the world a greener place.

The important news is all of Edwin’s European produced denim are now washed using sustainable processes – so you're asking what does this mean? Well, they are all manufactured using 80% less water because of the smart technology, rainwater is processed through a recycling plant where the newly recycled water is used for the next pair.

Together with the latest water saving treatments such as E-Flow, Ozone and lesser applied techniques, the future looks green for Edwin Jeans. In terms of fits for the season Edwin have simplified and make the process of buying their jeans easier especially online, so below is a quick guide on how to find the perfectly fitting pair of Edwin Jeans:

Edwin Logo

ED45 – Loose Tapered – Mid Rise

The ED45 is a loose tapered fit with a mid-rise designed to be worn on the hip with a loose thigh and tapered Leg

ED39 – Regular Loose – High Rise
The ED39 is a regular loose fitting pair of jeans with a slightly tapered leg and a mid-rise, designed to be worn on the hip, probably one of their best-selling fits

ED47 – Classic Regular Straight – Mid Rise
The ED47 is a regular, straight fit with a mid-rise to be worn o slightly on the hip with a truly straight leg

ED55 – Regular Tapered – Mid Rise
The ED55 is a regular tapered fit with a mid-rise, designed to be worn easily on the hip with a tapered leg, another popular fit

ED85 – Slim Tapered – Drop Crotch
The ED85 is a slim tapered fit with a low crotch, designed to be worn low on the hip with a very tapered leg

ED80 – Slim Tapered
The ED80 is a slim fit mid-rise, designed to be worn easily on the hip with a tapered leg, by far the most popular slim fit jean