Man Wearing Pair of Astorflex Greenflex Suede Boots

Astorflex SS20 Footwear: Italian-Made Masterpieces

Brand-new for SS20, we’ve got a range of shoes from Astorflex – one of the most exciting brands around at the minute when it comes to suave-looking suede shoes.

Astorflex: Who are they?

Astorflex is an Italian footwear brand that goes all the way back to the early 1800s, when it was founded by the Travenzoli family in the northern region of Lombardy.

In those early days, the first factory consisted of several small family-run workshops hand-making leather shoes with wooden soles. In the 200 years since, the company has slowly but steadily evolved, a particular milestone being post-WWI industrialisation, into the artisanal brand it is today.

Astorflex is perhaps best-known today for smart-casual suede shoes, particularly the high-end desert boots and the moccasin-influenced designs that are the brand’s most popular. On top of that, they have a reputation for being a green footwear manufacturer: taking great care to preserve the environment, from the responsible sourcing of materials, right through to the manufacturing processes.

The price-point for Astorflex is noticeably higher than that of many other brands, but there’s a reason for that: the craftsmanship is worth it.

With that in mind, here’s a rundown of the Astorflex models you need to know about, each one of them different from the next. There’s surely something here for you.

Greenflex Boots (Suede)

First up is Astorflex’s most popular shoe, based on the classic desert boot design. Many connoisseurs, in fact, consider the Greenflex to be “the best desert boots in the world”.

It’s a bonafide classic, originating as a military design, before famously being appropriated by the ‘Mod’ subculture in early-1960s England, then again in the late-1970s Mod Revival era, and then once more in the 1990s Britpop era.

A truly timeless shoe, and this Astorflex iteration looks the business, oozing quality.

Available in ‘Dark Chestnut’ and ‘Dark Khaki’.

Beenflex Shoes (Suede)

For those who prefer a slouchier vibe than desert boots, the Beenflex is bob-on. A moccasin-style design with a flat crepe sole, it looks a bit like a distant cousin of the Clarks Wallabee, with the back and the heel evoking the Clarks Desert Trek.

Available in ‘Dark Navy’ and ‘Dark Khaki’.

Ettoflex Boots (Suede)

Most people would agree that the desert boot is a design classic, but some remain admirers from afar due to the distinctive dress-shoe heel.

The Ettoflex is here to solve that problem, taking the desert boot upper and putting it on top of a flat wedge sole. It looks very “early-2000s Liam Gallagher” or latter-day Britpop, which can only be a good thing!

Available in ‘Cuoio’ (olive).

Stoneflex Boots (Suede)

Centre-seam footwear is a rather ‘marmitey’ subject. You’re either into them or you’re not. Here at Yards, we most certainly are into them, which is why we’re stocking the Stoneflex.

It probably reminds you of a higher Clarks Desert Trek, with a bit of desert boot thrown in, and then a touch of the classic American workboot too (thanks to the flat white sole). The ankle area is padded for extra comfort, adding the perfect finishing touch and making the shoe look like its own beat entirely.

Available in ‘Whiskey’ (light brown)


Monkflex Sandals (Leather)

And last but not least, and continuing with the ‘marmitey’ theme, we’ve got the Monkflex – a traditional design that is faithful to the ‘Jesus sandal’ aesthetic.

Like any great sandal, it’s bold and unapologetic, and is the only Astorflex product in our range to be made from leather as opposed to suede.

Available in ‘Caffe’ (dark brown)

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