An Ode To Overshirts, Is There Anything They Can’t Do?

They seemingly came out of nowhere, but overshirts, shirt jackets or shackets (as some call them), are a bonafide wardrobe staple. Everyone needs at least a few, don’t they? There’s a reason these versatile pieces are so sought after – because they just do a simple thing really, really well. You can get fancy buttoned ones with pockets galore, or clean-lined pocketless ones with fancy zips. You can have wool ones, cotton ones, denim or ripstop ones. There are endless possibilities for something so easy and simple.

Be it a cold wintry evening, bang an overshirt on under your so-called big jacket. A fine summers day but the British weather isn’t to be trusted – throw an overshirt in your bag. Breezy spring afternoon on a mediocre stroll, you get the idea… basically we’re saying it’s the ultimate in-between season, transitional layering item. And we’re 100% correct.

Anyway, as we’re thick into the spring summer season, we’ve had tons of new gear through the doors and are now awash with overshirt goodness.

Uskees offer utilitarian silhouettes with no-nonsense pricing that they guarantee will be repaired for life. Offered with fancy corozo buttons and made from premium 100% organic cotton, the 3003 Buttoned Work Shirt is a personal favourite. If zips are more your thing, the 3002 Zip Front Overshirt offers a simple and boxy design that’s finished with premium YKK zips and a trio of pockets.

Nautical inspired Portuguese brand La Paz is one our favourite new brands here at Yards, and on the overshirt front, the Ramos Overshirt is a pure thing of beauty. An ideal summertime layering piece, we have a classy navy waffle iteration alongside a cool bleached denim. Finished with corozo buttons and made from 100% cotton in Portugal, these are a classy addition.

Berlin-based Stay Hungry are new for SS21 and have delivered a contemporary collection of outdoor inspired streetwear that’s both filled to the brims with tech-savvy features and clever well-thought silhouettes. Two overshirt options in the form of the YMGU Overshirt and the Tech Shirt are mega jackets for the transitional weather from the German based brand.

For fans of fine technical fabrics and considered design, American brand Cape Heights offer a unique alternative with their Raymore Pullover with its fancy pockets and lightweight ripstop material – a sublime summer option that’ll be your go-to chuck on when the weather has a dip in form.

A brand known for channelling the history of American counterculture and subcultures, politics, music and whatever else through their garments, TSPTR make some off-kilter and somewhat left field gear for fans of statement pieces. The Marine Jacket takes inspiration from Vietnam-era USMC sniper jackets, and we think it’s possibly the best two-pocket, zippered overshirt we’ve ever lay our eyes upon. With those massive contrasting pockets and it’s impressive Portuguese cotton Herringbone twill, it’s a sure winner.

Whatever kind of overshirt you’re after, be sure to check out our latest options.